THOYEN - Purpose?

The purpose of THOYEN is to connect college students with local communities, businesses and fellow students who need to get gigs, tasks and chores done.  Students do the work and get paid.  As a Community User, you can sign up to be a Customer.   In addition there is a Marketplace where you can buy and sell items.   

Tasks and Chores are made up of two catgories - Remote and Local Tasks.

Remote Tasks include:Tutoring, Freelance (Digital marketing, writing, graphics design, voiceover, data entry, virtual assistant and photo video editing,) Student Consulting services, and College Advice for High Schoolers.

Local tasks include: Pick Up& delivery, carpool, house cleaning, housework, laundry, event planning, pack and move, vehicle cleaning, outdoors, seasonal and IT Support.

As you can see its a 1 stop app that brings all the services under one roof and with college students in USA being the only people who can do the work for their local communities and businesses.

More details can be found in subsequent FAQ's


Safety is our top priority.   We strive to ensure Customer and Provider safety through a set of safety measures, including:

  1. All providers are University students only.   
  2. There is a Safety/SOS button on the app to contact the campus police and 911 immediately, during emergencies.
  3. Local tasks are limited to a short 60 mile radius within and around the campus/college city area. For example, all users will be within the short distance of each other and can be located if needed.
  4. Providers only see the general location of a Customer’s local task until the task has been assigned to a Provider. Once a task is assigned, the full location of the task becomes visible to the Provider.  
  5. The mobile numbers shared between our Customers and Providers are masked so that real phone numbers are never exposed.
  6. School Issued IDs are required by the Customer to verify their Provider prior to the start of a local task.
  7. Block function available for User A to block User B in rare circumstances.
  8. Zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy.
  9. Two-way star rating system – includes safety as a criteria. 2 or more ratings below 3 including safety can lead to user termination.
  10. All transactions are through the app only. STRIPE will be the Payment Service Provider. No cash transactions.
  11. A Customer has to agree to provide a safe working environment (Terms of Use).
  12. A Provider has to agree to do the task in a safe manner (Terms of Use).

Safety Precautions

All Providers on the THOYEN Platform are University Students.  So generally, that should give you some comfort.  However, for absolute safety, take precautions as you would with a stranger.  Lock or keep all your valuables put away.  

Be there when they are, either physically or virtually.  If you've booked anyone to come over to your home, make a point of being there to keep an eye on things; maybe work from home that day or ask your roommate to chill on your sofa while the Provider is there.   It goes without saying that you shouldn't leave your laptop lying around or your fancy earrings on the bathroom counter when you have Providers in the apartment.  At the very least, keep cash and other valuables out of sight.

Bottom line: use common sense as you would with a stranger to be on the safe side.  THOYEN is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

Information Icons

Information icons are pop ups on the right corner of most screens.  This will assist you with regard to the task in consideration.  It is important that you open, read, understand and follow this.  Information icons will help you have a smoother experince with the App.  

Prohibited Items

(Especially applicable for Buying & Selling, Pickup & Delivery and Moving Tasks)


Although most things that students use can be listed on THOYEN, certain items aren't allowed.  Some present legal risks or may pose health and safety issues.  We've also chosen not to allow items that we feel are inappropriate for our THOYEN community or could be considered offensive.

Before posting your items, please read the guidelines below.  The following items are not allowed and are prohibited from being used on the THOYEN Platform.


  1. Adult content
  2. Alcohol, drugs & tobacco
  3. Animals & animal products
  4. Counterfeit or replica items
  5. Credit Cards, currency and lottery tickets
  6. Dangerous Items
  7. Food items
  8. Hazardous Materials
  9. Heavy and Oversize Items
  10. Illegal items or encouraging illegal activity
  11. Medical & healthcare items
  12. Offensive materials
  13. Real estate, Automobiles and Expensive items (over $999)




Adult content

Items that contain explicit sexual content are not allowed on THOYEN, such as:

  • Explicit sexual content or nudity
  • Pornography & adult toys


Alcohol, drugs & tobacco

Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and related products are not allowed, including:

  • Alcohol
  • Prescription drugs
  • Drugs, narcotics, or controlled substances (even those that are legal in some states)
  • Items marketed for the purpose of intoxication
  • Drug paraphernalia such as bongs, vaporizers, and pipes
  • Tobacco and related products, including e-cigarettes, e-juice, vaporizers, mods, hookahs, and hookah accessories


Animals & animal products

To protect the welfare of endangered, live, and companion animals and to comply with laws and regulations, the following are not allowed on THOYEN:

  • Pets and other live animals
  • Animal products derived from endangered or threatened species


Counterfeit or replica items

Bootlegs, counterfeits, fakes, and unauthorized or pirated copies of items are illegal and not allowed on THOYEN, including:

  • Counterfeits, fakes, and replicas of brand-name items, including items “inspired” by a brand without permission of the owner
  • Bootlegged or unauthorized recordings
  • Pirated copies of any copyrighted materials
  • Vehicles where you are not the titleholder

Credit cards, Currency and Lottery tickets

THOYEN prohibits sale of credit cards, currency and lottery tickets. 

Dangerous items

Items that pose health and safety concerns or that are regulated or illegal are not allowed on THOYEN. These include but are not limited to:

  • Firearms, no exceptions
  • Knives primarily used as weapons or for self-defense. Cutlery, kitchen, and utility knives are generally permitted
  • Mace, pepper spray, bear spray, tasers, and other weapons used to subdue humans or animals
  • Paintball guns, BB guns, guns that fire blanks, Airsoft Guns, and all related ammunition and accessories
  • Sporting weapons such as bows and arrows, crossbows, and archery items
  • Swords, if sharpened or functional. Decorative blunt swords are generally permitted
  • Weapon parts and accessories, including any item that attaches to a firearm, ammunition, bullets, clips, arrows, and bolts
  • Body armor, including Kevlar and other tactical and protective vests, except protective clothing for sporting activities
  • Regulated chemicals, poisons, or substances
  • New or used airbags sold separately from a vehicle
  • Fireworks
  • Recalled items
  • Items subject to recall
  • Items deemed to pose significant health or safety risks to others


Food items

The Sale of homemade prepared food is subject to regulatory guidelines and often requires a permit. Because we can't enforce these restrictions, prepared food is not allowed. Examples:

  • Most perishable goods, including meat, seafood, dairy, and cut fruits or vegetables
  • Homemade shelf products, such as jams, jellies, and pickles
  • Homemade meals or baked goods
  • Eggs

Exceptions to this policy include:

  • Whole, uncut fruits and vegetables
  • Unopened and packaged commercially sold food goods (canned soup, packages of cookies, etc.) as long as the packaging has not been tampered with and the items are sold before their expiration date

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials, like explosives and gases, are not allowed.

Heavy and Oversize Items

Heavy and oversize or overweight items (individual items not to exceed 50lbs or requires more than one person to carry or move) are prohibited.

Illegal items or encouraging illegal activity

Any item that is illegal or that encourages illegal activity is not allowed, including but not limited to:

  • Stolen or found goods
  • Items received through Government Assistance
  • Fake or forged documents (licenses, IDs, diplomas, and government-issued documents)
  • Offers to trade for illegal goods
  • Police or security badges or uniforms. Locked phones or devices, for example blacklisted, activation, iCloud or similar locks
  • SIM Cards

Medical & healthcare items

Due to health and safety, privacy, and regulatory concerns, certain medical and healthcare items are not allowed for sale on THOYEN, including but not limited to:

  • Devices, drugs, and medications that require a prescription from a licensed medical practitioner (such as a dentist, doctor, optometrist, or veterinarian)
  • Contact lenses
  • Used cosmetics
  • Used makeup sponges and applicators
  • Needles and items containing needles (such as syringes or tattoo equipment)

Offensive materials

THOYEN is an inclusive community that welcomes Users from all backgrounds. To build a respectful mobile marketplace, posts that contain foul language or that promote hatred, violence, or discrimination are not allowed. This includes posts that support hate or discrimination toward others based on age, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation, or items that promote or glorify organizations with such views. Examples:

  • Items or posts containing racial slurs
  • Items or posts promoting intolerance or discrimination
  • Items that promote, support, or commemorate groups with views of hatred or intolerance
  • Items that depict or glorify violence against people or animals

Real estate, Automobile and Expensive items (over $999)

THOYEN at this time does not allow sale of real estate.   THOYEN prohibits high denomination items of value more than $999 to be posted or transacted through the THOYEN Platform.  For example: a boat, expensive jewelry, cars whose value is greater than $999.  

Help keep our community strong.

If you see a prohibited item on THOYEN, please email: support@THOYEN.com


Posts that violate any of our guidelines, policies, or terms may be removed at our discretion. Additional actions may be taken for severe or repeat offenses.


Tasks - How far in advance?

Request Now tasks - For tasks up tp 2 hours from NOW

Request Later tasks - Customers can schedule preset dates and times up to 2 weeks in advance.

Payment Services Provider

Stripe is the Payment Services Provider for Thoyen.  

Payment processing services on THOYEN are provided by Stripe (and subject to change at a later date) and are subject to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement, which includes the Stripe Terms of Service(collectively, the “Stripe Services Agreement”).  By agreeing to these terms or continuing to use THOYEN, you agree to be bound by the Stripe Services Agreement, as the same may be modified by Stripe from time to time.  As a condition of THOYEN enabling payment processing services through Stripe, you agree to provide THOYEN accurate and complete information about you, and you authorize THOYEN to share it and transaction information related to your use of the payment processing services provided by Stripe.

When you add a credit card or bank payment method to your THOYEN account, a third party i.e. Stripe that handles payments for us will receive your card or bank payment information. To keep your financial data secure, we do not store full credit card or bank payment information on our servers.

Contact Provider

You can contact the Provider through the THOYEN App.  After the Provider agrees to a task, both of you can communicate using the Chat option provided on your task.  In most cases a phone option is also provided. 

Contact Us

You can contact THOYEN at support@THOYEN.com.  Please include your registered first and last name, University associated with, and other details as you see fit.

Cancellation Policy

As a Customer, you may cancel your scheduled Task appointments at any time provided no Provider has accepted your posting.  Should a Provider accept your posting, you are subject to the following policy:

Cancellation Policy Tasks on a per hour basis1 Wash/Dry/Fold Pick Up & Delivery Carpool



24 hours or before your booking time: Free Free Free Free Free
Between 2 or 24 hours before your booking: $3 $3 $3 $3 Free
Less than 2 hours before your booking:  $5 $5 $5 $5 Free

No cancellation charges if task is canceled within 10 minutes of booking

1  Tasks include House Cleaning, Tutoring, Housework, Ironing, Event Planning, Pack & Move, Vehicle Cleaning, Outdoors, Name Your Task &  IT Support

The above policy is subject to change from time to time. 

House Cleaning

  1. Come back to your clean and tidy house/apartment.
  2. Take both the trash and stress out at the same time.
  3. This is an easy way to take care of your house/apartment.
  4. Instant booking and choose the time you want.
  5. Always remember any time you use THOYEN, you are helping your local students.
  6. THOYEN attempts to create win-win situations for the Users.
  7. As a Customer you can rate your Provider and vice versa.

Select the price you would like to offer based on factors such as type of cleaning and time of day. THOYEN gives you full freedom to set your own prices subject to a minimum price and maximum price.  The key is BE REASONABLE on the price you offer. 

House or Apartment Cleaning has 4 sub categories – Normal, Heavy, Party and Empty Apartment Cleaning. 

The following Tasks are excluded - Exterior window cleaning, deep stain removal, infestation, vent cleaning, mold removal and insect removal.


Housework includes Organize and Assemble.  The following task is currently excluded: Painting.


  1. Organize sub category

Organize includes assisting the Customer with putting household items in the right places.  It may involve organizing the wardrobe, closets, rooms, cabinets etc. in the apartment.  May involve some dusting and cleaning. 


  1. Assemble sub category

Assemble includes assembling furniture, bicycle, book case, chair, desk, tables, exercise equipment, indoor table games, or shelves. 

Providers will not bring supplies unless the Customer specifically requests so.


Laundry connects Customers and Provider who does laundry for the Customer.  Laundry involves washing, drying and folding of clothes.  Ironing of clothes is an option too.   

One load of clothes that will fit in a standard washing machine whose size is 3.5 cu. ft. is deemed to be one load of laundry.

Event Planning

  1. Why look for talent outside when you have great talent within your local University?
  2. Ex.  It’s a birthday party and check out for the great singer at the University itself.
  3. And always remember any time you use THOYEN, you are helping your local student User.
  4. THOYEN attempts to create win-win situations for the student Users and local community.


Thoyen recommends you specify exactly what you are looking for in terms of qualifications and experience.


Pack & Move

THOYEN allows most items that students and local community use on a day to day basis; however for safety and legal reasons, there are list of items that are prohibited and can be found under the Prohibited Items List.   Small appliances (example Toasters, Coffee Makers) must be uninstalled and drained if necessary.  Providers cannot uninstall or install or move major appliances (example Refrigerator).  Disassembling furniture prior to your move is recommended.  Providers might be able to assist with basic dismantling, if you explain it in the description field in the App.

Customers - In addition, do not ask Providers to pack valuables, perishable items, fragile items and items like money, jewelry, artwork, antiques, medications, and important documents.  Neither THOYEN nor the Providers are responsible for them.  The maximum market value of any item that can be moved is $999.


Vehicle Cleaning

  1. It is convenient. The Provider will come to your place to clean the car.  
  2. You can have a clean car at a reasonable price.
  3. Instant Booking and choose the time you want.
  4. And always remember any time you use THOYEN, you are helping your fellow student User.
  5. THOYEN attempts to create win-win situations for the student Users.

Providers will not bring supplies unless the Customer specifically requests so.

Customers are responsible for providing water for cleaning.

THOYEN connects Providers (Vehicle Cleaners) with Customers who would like to get Vehicle Cleaning Tasks done.  These tasks include cleaning the inside and/or exterior of the vehicle. 

Name Your Own Task

Name Your task - is for bundling already offered tasks on the Thoyen Platform.  These are all paid by the hour.  For example - a Customer may want their House Cleaned and also need help in Packing and Moving.  So instead of having a separate Task posting for House Cleaning and one for Packing and Moving - the Customer can combine both these into one Task.   

Name Your Task is NOT for any new Tasks not offered by the Thoyen Platform.  Should you find a need for a new Task, please write to Support@Thoyen.com.

All the Terms of Use apply for this as with other Tasks.  


  1. THOYEN takes safety seriously. We want all users to have a safe trip and to reach their destinations in the same way they started. 
  2. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.
  3. All users are prohibited from carrying or transporting firearms*

Any user who violates the above may lose access to the THOYEN Platform

*To the extent permitted by applicable law


  1. Carpool connects Drivers (Providers) and Passengers (Customers) heading to the same area, making it a great solution for those passengers who don’t have cars to find rides for weekend trips or going home for a visit on breaks or a drop to the airport or shop or just to run errands. 
  2. THOYEN is not an Uber like service. THOYEN only provides you the connection between the Driver and Passenger.  Please see the Terms of Use on section 40.7 for further conditions of use for the Carpool.

Pick Up & Delivery

Pickup & Delivery connects delivery Providers and Customers requesting a pickup or delivery.   Pickup could include pick up of Customer's favorite food from a restaurant and delivery to their apartment, mobile orders or pickup from stores, or just running errands for the Customers.     

All items must be paid by the Customer prior to Provider pick up.  The Provider only picks up and delivers to the Customer.  Provider does not pay for the item.  

Yes!  A Customer may request a pickup and ask it to be delivered, or, a Provider may indicate “Hey I am on my way to Taco Bell. Anyone need any food to be picked up?”.  So, it works both ways. 

Provider only - Under the Provider App, go to the “On My Way” Screen and select the Pickup & Delivery Category.  Then, follow the steps to post your availability along with the Pickup & Delivery you could do.  These are restricted for a maximum of 4 hours from now.  

On My Way

On My Way represents Providers who are on their way to a particular place and would like to "Pick Up and Deliver" or Provide a "Carpool" ride. 

Pick Up & Deliver represents Providers who are On The Way to a restaurant, store, or running errands and are willing to pick up and deliver to others.  This is limited to the next 4 hours only.  

Carpool represents Providers (Drivers) who are on their way to a destination and are willing to provide Carpool to other Users headed the same way.  This is like other Tasks i.e. can book for the coming 2 weeks.  

See other FAQ's for more details.

On My Way - Pick Up & Delivery

Providers who are On The Way to a restaurant, store, or running errands and are willing to pick up and deliver to others will post the task from the Provider App using the On My Way button at the footer.

Available Providers under this category can be found under "On My Way Pick Up & Delivery Providers" at bottom right on the Home page.  

Customer -




Look up the Provider's pick up time, delivery times, and price of delivery to ensure it meets your needs. If the Provider accepts your request, a chat button opens up and you can communicate with the Provider for any further clarifications.

As a Customer it is your responsibility to be available when the Provider drops by with the delivery.