Thoyen Assurance

Money back Guarantee:   All tasks are backed by a guarantee that the task will be done per the task requirement.  As a customer you have the option to rate the Provider and if for some reason you are still not satisfied with the task performance then write to us at  We will ensure that you are satisfied or refund the task money.  

Secure financials transactions: Thoyen uses Stripe as its payment services provider.  No financial information such as credit card or bank information is stored on Thoyen platform but its on Stripe.  Stripe is used by millions of businesses such as Target, Lyft, Salesforce, Postmates etc.  See  So rest assured your financial info. is secure.

Safety: Safety is our number one priority.  So all providers are restricted to college students only.  Further within the App your phone number is not revealed to other users, location information is revealed only as needed and for emergencies there is safety button within the App.

Contact us:  We will get back to you as soon as possible or within 24 hours max.

More questions?  Check our FAQ’s in the App.   We are here for you.  Lets get started!